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Ahah! As if Brixton wasn’t cool enough already, now we seem to have aquired our own version of those Black cabby thingies. Run by south London production company, Blindeye Films, this new spin on the old ‘one take videos of cool bands doing intimate performances’ formula is – cleverly – called Brixton Sessions. I’m excited. We get some good bands down here not least because of The Windmill, but the Hoot can pull them in and The Rest Is Noise gets a good selection too.

Click on the pics below to get to the vids. At the moment there’s a bit too much singing-with-my-eyes-closed behaviour for me, but that should right itself as we go along…

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We cannot go on enough about Brixton Market, its beauty, its vibrancy, its rich cultural history and its importance as the heart  of our little town!

Brixton Market Row

So, we are ecstatic to announce, following a recent BBC News report, that Friends Of Brixton Market‘s campaigning against the threats of redevelopment has come to fruition in the form of a Grade II listing !!!


PhotobucketRead full report here

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Click the pic!

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House for Rent

Best house on Brixton Hill. Beautiful wooden cladding, a great view and a lovely patio. Don’t miss out!

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It all started with a dinner at HIVE, which, I have to say was lovely – friendly, cute staff, great service, cool interior and a few mojitos. That kinda set the mood for wanting more from the night, which led to a casual stroll down to the MANGO LANDIN’. For some reason, I always seem to turn up at Mango Landin’ on a funk night. Or maybe it’s always a funk night there, I haven’t quite figured it out. The DJ was hitting us with some classic jams that you can’t help but love.

Rum became the order of the night, and that mixed with James Brown just took it up a notch. Craving for something a little bit more dingy (we mean that in a nice way) we hauled our arses down to the DOGSTAR – I love the Dogstar’s random mix of music – Girls Aloud one minute, Nirvana the next.

A smoke break later and we found ourselves chatting to Katie, the singer from Brixton’s own Illersapiens, – if you didn’t see them at the Brixton Splash, you missed. She was there with her friend Abe Amparo, who we discovered is a very young and talented artist.

Brixton-born and raised, Abe is very handy with a pencil (and lovely in person I might add). Her drawings and technique are out of this world, a mash-up of ridiculous photo-realism and surrealist imagery.

I managed to catch her debut show – under her artist’s name T.S. Abe – at the Electric Blue gallery in East London – yes it’s a Northern Line ride away but this Brixtonian’s work is worth the trip. Take a look for yourself.

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If this morning, you have smiled at this:

and have been wondering or even speculating, on what what the deal, with other Brixtonians… only to come back to Brixton to find out that:


well My Brixton found out that from Tomorow 20/08/09 until the 31/08/09, the Ritzy is raising some money for Pan Uk a non-profit organisation who works nationally and internationally to reduce the use of pesticide in order to provide food and meet public health needs without dependence on toxic chemicals and without harm to food producers and agricultural workers.

Here is the deal: £5 per word on the billboard – 3 messages per day (from 6am to 2pm / from 2pm to 6pm and from 6pm to 10pm). The money raised will entirely go to helps improve Niger’s water.

Thanks to the lovely lady down at the Ritzy who took the time to brief me on this.

And Xpress Yo’self!

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