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Well in terms of big fat juicy gigs, The Fridge officially had it’s cherry popped yesterday by Jack Peñate. With support from Brooklynite Theophilus London, he brought in the crowds in a pretty spectacular manner – we even spotted Matthew Horne from Gavin and Stacey in the midst.

Still dragging the stench of dry-cleaning with me, we whipped over from the Ritzy to ensure we played witness to what we hope becomes a regular occurrence from now on. There’s no doubt it’s the perfect venue, (perhaps to fill an Astoria-sized hole?) but the more gigs going on that we can just stroll home from the better. Yeah, yeah call us lazy.

We also got a chance to catch up with Fridge owner Andrew Czezowski, sharply zoot-suited and booted, who’s also hoping that Jack’s decision (he’s a Dulwich boy so he’s practically local) to play at The Fridge will start the ball rolling. Andrew also filled us in on his new night F.A.K.E. that kicks off on Friday the 13th and will regularly showcase some of the upcoming bands on the scene. But I’ll get to that later – it’s Friday evening, I can’t blog on forever!


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Ooh yesterday was a busy night in B-Town. Being last Thursday of the month and all that, it was of course Rodigan time at the Hoot, but on top of that Post War Years were down at The Rest Is Noise and The Fridge was getting it’s first proper gig on (more on that later).

But I decided to don my freshly dry-cleaned coat and head down to the recently refurbished Upstairs at The Ritzy, reeking like perchloroethylene (is fresh dry-cleaning supposed to smell like a vat of nuclear waste?) for the return of The Illersapiens Soul Jam session.

We’ve mentioned The Illersapiens on here before but I don’t think we’ve waxed lyrical about them properly yet. I think the general consensus at My Brixton HQ is that they’re off the scale. They won us over at the Brixton Splash back in August, especially when they unleashed their track ‘Brixton’ and we unofficially made it our national anthem (B-R-I-X-T-O-N you dunno!). Their EP is most definitely worth checking out here – it’s only  £3.95 on iTunes and for that price you can floss Jay-Z style cause ‘money ain’t a thang’…

But rather then try and explain how tight the band are, how lyrically adept Mr. Man is and how goosebump-inducing Katy B’s vocals are just check this out:

So after a fresh set from them, the stage was open for anyone wanting to come up and jam along, whether singing, playing, emceeing…and this is Brixton y’know, so the talent is fresh. It’s a monthly affair guys, so make sure you book the date for the  next one- Thursday November 19th.

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Ooh what Jeff Koonsian window display do we have here?

Well after The Flourmill and Flirkin, The Goose and more recently Ivan’s Retreat the pub perhaps best known as the place gig goers flock to when the house lights go on inside Brixton Academy and all that’s left is plastic cup ands mosh-pit debris, has been handed over to new management…again!

The paint on the sign is still fresh: The Rest Is Noise has taken over.  And it seems to be in good hands, now under the management of 580, the company behind The Lock Tavern, Field Day and New Cross’ Amersham Arms. Having kitted out the pub with a decent stage and powerhouse soundsystem built from Notting Hill Carnival leftovers (hmmm…you know what us Brixtonians like), we’re now looking at a pretty decent timetable of events.

Yeah, as you can see there’s loads. But we definitely need to check out the Wednesday night Blacker Dread residency as there’s no way the legendary Coldharbour Lane record store can let us down playing some serious reggae. And this Saturday we’re getting amongst others SCUM and My Tiger My Timing…oh we’re so spoilt!

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