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The windmill! Yes we do, we like Ashby Mill! But, do you know where it is? Learn more HERE


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Not gonna say too much other than that these guys are good and playing tonight at The Windmill. Catch them now while they’re still at dinky and cool little venues. Tickets for a fiver here….and yes I did say a fiver. Oh and here’s a few free tracks you can download…and yes I did say free.

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You should know by now that Brixton is getting its own currency. Partly because we’re special like that but also because it will ensure that money spent in the area stays in the area. To read more about it, have a look at the Brixton Pound website

We’ve just had an email through from them to say that they’re doing a poll for people to vote on which famous Brixtonians should be used on the note design. The choices are CLR James, Linton Kwesi Johnston, Olive Morris, Harold Macmillan, James Lovelock and Dan Leto. We already know who we want it to be, but for your chance to have a say, click here.

They’re also looking for pics of local Brixton sites to include on their notes so if you have any great images email them to brixtonpound@googlemail.com.

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Yeah! Yipeee! It’s that time of the year again, it’s the Lambeth Country Show!!!
A weekend of free entertainment, live music and organic cider drinking for everyone, so get yourselves down to Brockwell Park on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of July.
If you’ve never been and might need a little convincing, here are a few shots from last year’s:


Main Stage


Anyway, I just had a peep at their programme and I know I’ll be looking out for Johnny Clarke, The Top Cats who I saw only last week at the Hootananny (They were rocking!!!) and Lambeth Wind Orchestra, who I happen to have seen too, and they’re pretty cool!
Also, because Brixton is rather good to us, on the same weekend we are treated to the annual Urban Art Fair on Josephine Avenue!

You know the drill, come out and experience it, and I’ll see you all there! ;0)

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The way you’re often greeted as you come out of the station by different characters either buying or selling something.
Today, it was a dog in flip-flops!

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This looks familiar. Look who sneaked out to the Lenny Kravitz concert last night without letting anybody know?

Yeah that would me. 

I’d been pretending I didn’t want to go for ages. I’d seen him on the 5 tour back in the day (1999, 2000 maybe?) and then last year I saw him at Koko for a very special, intimate gig. But sure enough, the show at the Brixton Academy drew closer and I started itching for some Kravitz action. And never let it be said that Gumtree doesn’t provide – yesterday, within an hour of deciding that ‘I had to go’, my greasy hands were holding a tickets and not for an extortionate tout price. A lovely chap who lives just behind the Hoot sold it to me for exactly what he bought it for. Brixtonites are special souls. 

Solo-gigging is fast becoming one of my favourite past times and, beer in hand, I arrived just in time for the warm-up set from Paul Oakenfold. The man beside me said ‘I wasn’t expecting to hear techno music, I came here for Lenny Kravitz’ and I think that sums up the general crowd reaction to this rather odd choice in support act. He may be a superstar DJ but the only love the Lenny fans showed him were when he spun The White Stripes and Nirvana, even if they were the house versions.

So once they wheeled off his shiny, pimped out DJ deck it was business time. This is the part where I’m obliged to say ‘the crowd went wild’ – because they did. I’d say they were 85% female, which is a complete turn around from the last gig we attended at the Academy. His band rocked on, Lenny rocked on and what a way to start with a no holds barred version of Freedom Train. If that isn’t one of the most evil of funk-infused rock jams…

From there it went to Bring It On, It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over, Where Are We Runnin?, Believe – just tune after tune after tune. The band were all kinds of awesome with his usual wingman and guitarist Craig Ross in tow. It’s a shame he doesn’t tour with Cindy Blackman on drums anymore but he’s replaced her with Frank Vanderbilt Jr, who’s just as sick. Maybe sicker. But only maybe.

With an amazing, ever-changing coloured light display behind him, a transparent grand piano (for an extended I’ll Be Waiting), transparent drum kit and mega-gong, lots of lit-up old computer monitors and at the end, some serious fireworks, you can imagine that this was a feast of a show.

I was hoping for a bit more Let Love Rule tracks considering it was a 20th Anniversary tour of his debut record – perhaps a bit of Sittin On Top Of The World, Mr Cab Driver, I Build This Garden for Us or Fear but I can never really complain. He did play Flower Child and that was enough to make me throw my peace sign badge in the air and run to San Fran and back. Another highlight had to be Always On The Run cause my Mama really did say I should leave those bad boys alone.

Dancin’ Til Dawn worked its way into a massive groove-out session, with Kravitz getting on the same level as the crowd and jammin’ out to Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall and a brief MJ tribute in the form of a Billie Jean sing-a-long. This also caused a big crowd upset with everyone rushing forward to get closer to the man and a great opportunity for me sneak into the front. Oh yeah. 

Wow this is turning into a King Kong-sized post. But if you think this is a lot of pictures, well you haven’t seen the other 200 on my desktop. Because cameras have become the new lighters and over half the crowd were busy snapping away, Lenny thought it’d be best to get in on the action and snap some of us too. If my face pops up on his Facebook fan page, I might share it with you…

He finished his set with Fly Away, came on for an encore with a lovely solo and acoustic rendition of Stillness of Heart followed by the Kravitz mega-anthem Let Love Rule. We thought it was over, people started leaving but then he was back for a curfew-breaking second encore and blew us all away with Are You Gonna Go My Way. No one knows the art of encore better than Lenny.

I’d upset almost all the people around me by rocking out with my cock out a little too much. I apologise now for any damage caused by my elbows, whooping, hair flicks, toe-treading, jumping and dancing. Covered in sweat, it was over. Until next time.


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Brixton Book Mongers 439 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8LN.
Definitely worth checking out!

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