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Brixton Station tiles – I hope they’ll remain once the station is revamped!!


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Olive Morris House?

Well, as a local Brixtonian regularly walking or riding a bus up and down Brixton Hill it’s impossible to not notice the Olive Morris House, especially in the mornings with the queues of locals waiting for the newly (somewhat) refurbished ground floor customer service centre to open

So I decided to do a little research and found this: rememberolivemorris.wordpress.com.  To sum it up she was awesome –  a community activist who fought for women’s equality and equality within the Brixton she loved. So next time you walk by wondering, give her dap! or a braap !!

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Summer is upon us, and with it comes the long sunbathing afternoons, picnics and other frolics in the park. We really are lucky so and sos because here, in Brixton, we have one of the best chill out spaces that summer can offer: Brockwell Park!

On Sunday the 14th of June 2009 will take place the 5th Brockwell Park Summer feast and Auction, an open air 3 course lunch and auction to raise money for events in the park.
Mostly organic food and drink with local people, poetry reading and raffle, all that happening in front of Brockwell Hall. The tickets for the meal are priced according to income, kids under 10 go for free.
Check out www.urbangreenfair.org or for further info contact shane@gn.apc.org

If that hasn’t tempted you, A local soul band will be playing classic Stax and Motown favourites with a dose of the funk at the bandstand between 1 and 5pm and it is FREE! I know I’ll probably take a walk down there…
For more information on events in the park, go to www.brockwellpark.com

Enjoy the sun and be safe!

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Nothing makes Brixton more perfect than its market (did anyone see Rosie Lovell giving the Observer Food Monthly a tour and showing them how she stocks up her lovely deli?). We’ll obviously be showing off all its goodies as we go along but we’d like to draw your attention to one of our links to Friends of Brixton Market who are doing their best to make sure it doesn’t get turned into just another generic shopping arcade. Hooray for them. And hooray for these:

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Fun 4 U

So the fun fair has rolled into town on the ‘Fun 4 U’ train. Not being able to resist the bright lights and candy floss we headed straight to Brockwell Park for the second day of the event. It’s gonna be around till the 31st of May, so don’t miss it. The sun’s out so it is officially playtime!

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HighlifeLast year after an Afrogroov Session at the Ritzy, we passed by the newly refurbished Dex. The guy at the door start telling us what a great night was on and convinced us to go in. An hour later Fatai got on stage and that was my first introduction to live Highlife . Back in the 50s / 60s he was rockin’ the Highlife scene in Nigeria. He is now over 80 and I can assure you that he’ll rock the Brixton scene on 31st May, again at the Dex.

In the meantime you might want to stroll down Atlantic Road to get your music fix:


Makossa, Afrobeat, Coupe Decale…you name it, he’s got it!

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