Ice Gold Green

“What shall we get Daddy for his birthday?”

Ahah! As if Brixton wasn’t cool enough already, now we seem to have aquired our own version of those Black cabby thingies. Run by south London production company, Blindeye Films, this new spin on the old ‘one take videos of cool bands doing intimate performances’ formula is – cleverly – called Brixton Sessions. I’m excited. We get some good bands down here not least because of The Windmill, but the Hoot can pull them in and The Rest Is Noise gets a good selection too.

Click on the pics below to get to the vids. At the moment there’s a bit too much singing-with-my-eyes-closed behaviour for me, but that should right itself as we go along…

My Brixton’s Good News

We cannot go on enough about Brixton Market, its beauty, its vibrancy, its rich cultural history and its importance as the heart  of our little town!

Brixton Market Row

So, we are ecstatic to announce, following a recent BBC News report, that Friends Of Brixton Market‘s campaigning against the threats of redevelopment has come to fruition in the form of a Grade II listing !!!


PhotobucketRead full report here

Windrush Square Unveiled!

After months of  speculations and trepidation, the new Windrush Square was unveiled last Saturday, the 27th of February 2010 so MyBrixton had to go and take a look.
The event itself did not draw much of a crowd although the children of Brixton seemed to be having a good time exploring the new features of the square and dancing to the music of The Illersapiens who made the party worth going to.




Check out The Illersapiens upstairs at the Ritzy on the third Thursday of every months from 7pm to 11pm- FREE ENTRY –

This is OUR square people, let’s use it and let it be one more reason to look forward to Summer!!!

Click the pic!